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Experimental Short Films

Story of a Spy[eye]

You are watched until you’re being watched.

This film is done as a part of media assignment at IIHS


A trembling short film. This film is an experiment where a visual imbalance and the satirical situation is created with uncomforted camera handling and mismatching the audio.

Documentary Films

Threads of Sustainability

A 39 min documentary Film focusing on Sustainable City Strategies for Developing Nations. Most of this film is shot in Delhi.

Journey of an Architect

Based in Goa, this film takes through life and activism of an Architect. Produced while interning under architect Dean D’Cruz.

BVM – An ongoing Revelation

This documentary film is a hybrid of the experiences, it analyses the ambiguities and mysteries of what I felt about schooldays in BVM, Nainital. I was in high school back then.