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IDIEQ is coming up as an avant-garde architecture, integrated design, and urban practice. Born in the Himalayas, with offices across, the practice is constantly building a global reputation. As a young start-up, we have taken a lead in the sustainable approach to design, through work that can be experienced across issues related to complex urban centers to detail of a door handle. We stay sensitive to location, environment and importantly the culture, always bringing advances in building technology with techniques drawn traditional values; and we are constantly rebuilding the skills, morale, and knowledge of incorporated design teams, clients and communities to create enlightening environments.

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Architectural Design
IDIEQ is recognized for its dedication to contemporary architecture and design. Our comprehensive architectural services start from the conceptual and schematic design, design development and construction documentation, assisting with contractor bidding and/or negotiating and construction administration. We are not just designers on a drawing table. We use cutting-edge technologies to assist you throughout the project, from initial drawings to the completion of construction. While working with high-end residential, institutional and commercial clients, we deliver high-quality design outcomes for projects of all types and sizes.
Branding Advisory
Today space is required to do much more than just a function. It should speak the story that belongs to your brand. We understand your brand in order to create informative and impressive environments that uphold your values and energize your staff and customers. A brand isn’t just an identity but a culture, that should be reflected. We also generate new opportunities through collaboration. For example, for clients in the healthcare sector, we bring together a team of full-time clinicians, who are in touch with our design teams to monitor constant workflow in the hospitals, get all operations streamlined and create a healing environment for everyone.


Geospatial Services
Be decisive and create effective resolution by using accurate, high-quality spatial data. Geospatial solutions from IDIEQ provide you with the collection services, management, and analytics that aim to create the highest standards across numerous disciplines – from civil engineering, land planning, urban infrastructure mapping, energy development and beyond. The highly accurate data collection, processing, and management ensure solutions that allow you to resolve complex issues without any glitch. We have the ability to conceptually visualize, the way you need to use this data. Our solutions are interpreted as informative, meaningful, logical representations.
Application by sectors
Analyze, and understand patterns and relationships with us in range of sectors including Environment, Geologic Mapping, Wetland Mapping, Wildlife Management, Deforestation map, Monitoring Rangeland Resources, Forest Fire Hazard Zone Mapping, Natural Resources Management, Flood damage estimation, Landslide Hazard Zonation, Disaster Management and Mitigation, Accident Analysis and Hot Spot Analysis, Pest Control and Management, Irrigation water management, Planning and Community Development, Snow Runoff Prediction & Mapping, Geographic Features Mapping, Land Information System,  Land Administration, Lease Property and Management, Determine land use/land cover changes, Energy Use Tracking and Planning, Traffic Density Studies, Regional Planning, Transportation Planning, GIS for Fisheries and Ocean Industries, Development of Public Infrastructure Facilities, Coastal Vegetation Mapping and Conservation,  Coastal Development and Management, Fire equipment response distance analysis, Infrastructure Development, Locating Underground Pipes and Cables, Suitability for Waste Treatment Plant, Reservoir Site Selection, Abutter Notification for land owners, Navigation, Tourism Information System, School-Student Transport-Distance Analysis, Tea/Coffee Plantation mapping, Suitability analysis for Economic development, Land Use and Open Cast Strip Mining, Site Selection for Bridges/River Crossing, Pipeline Route Selection, Public Health & Health infrastructure mapping, Crime Analysis, Knowledge Based System for Defense Purpose, Business Management, Disaster and Business Continuity Planning, Assets Management and Maintenance, Digital Taxation, Soil Mapping, Banking,   
Data Integration
It’s not just the data we are mapping through GIS, we also integrate the data from other sources(for example Census and NSS in India) to find ingrained patterns and opportunities.

Urban Regeneration

Town Planning
We have built a highly collaborative and adaptive urban practice, responding to the unique requirements of every commission. We understand that a successful urban practice demands an acute appreciation for who er are planning for, the opportunities that site provide the site, and in-depth understanding of the culture in which the project is implemented. With these in mind, IDIEQ creates informed, well-crafted technology driven solutions, unlocking all the opportunities that the city can provide to individuals. We also handle issues of site analysis, access, circulation, parking, urban design, local development guidelines and placemaking.
Design-driven infrastructure
idieq designs large spaces to enhance how people live, work and communicate. We focus on spaces of large social gatherings and the interaction of these spaces. We provide design services for private developers, landowners, public agencies, institutions, universities, and healthcare centers to achieve their ultimate long-term goals and make communities thrive. Our in-depth reach and understanding of urban regulations allows us to effectively navigate local regulatory approval processes from creating subdivisions to zoning and permitting
Himalayan Resilience
Since idieq is born in the foothills of Himalayas, it is our goal to combine global research with a tremendous local touch. Our commitment to the Himalayan communities has pushed us to research on the number of factors from migration, pine-eradication etc. We are currently building an institution to deal with planning, policy, and development of Himalayas. If you are a landowner, developer or government entity in the Himalayas, we invite you to be the part of this and collaborate with us.

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Pouring concrete on land you don't own is called a calculated risk, if you don't pour you loose millions.
-Eddie Perez

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